Proposition Life Safety April 4th

Proposition Life Safety is a proposed increase in the General Revenue for the District during the April 4th election. This will be based on the Assessed value of your residence.

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Firefighters Beat Police in Rib Contest

Rib Contest
At the first annual “Battle of the Badges” rib eating contest sponsored by Texas Roadhouse, Rock Community firefighters beat Arnold police in a fast paced fun filled contest. In a relay type contest, firefighters Doug Ott, Frank ‘the tank” Prusinowski, Kevin Steinmeyer, and Ken Steiger quickly ate their way to victory in a close contest. All proceeds from the event went to Backstoppers as well as a large portion of the days profits. A special thank you to Texas Roadhouse for their support of Backstoppers.

Local Citizens Recognized

Local citizens awarded
At a recent board meeting, the Rock Community Fire District honored some local residents with Good Citizen awards for their heroic actions on March 16th in assisting an unconscious woman in front of the Schnucks store on Vogel Rd. in Arnold. An elderly woman was found unconscious in her vehicle in front of the Schnucks store, when several citizens came to her aid. Jacob Ruckman, Tim Boehm and Bob Thielemann forced entry into the vehicle and were able to remove the elderly woman who was not breathing and in cardiac arrest. Once out of the vehicle, Leigha Gaston and Miranda Kaiser started CPR until Firefighter/Paramedics arrived from the Rock Community Fire District. Firefighters stressed how important it is for the community to be trained in CPR. When seconds counted, these residents knew exactly what to do.

Mass Casualty Drill

St Joseph's Training
Students at St. Joseph Catholic School recently participated in a mass casualty drill. The scenario was the aftermath of an earthquake. After victims were in place, members from the eighth grade SERT team responded with teachers. The team took command and triaged all injuries as well as put out small fires and conducted search and rescue. When finished, team captains reported to firefighters who were also on the scene to critique and assist the team.

Confined Space Rescue Training

St Joseph's Training
Members of the St. Joseph Student Emergency Response Team (SERT) recently trained in confined space rescue. Teens were taught how to properly size up a rescue, obtain proper personal and resources and safely conduct the rescue. The rescue teams were also taught the importance of having accountability, teamwork and using a rapid intervention team (RIT). The training is part of the monthly Teen SERT training conducted at the school.

Fox Students Learn Fire Truck Basics

Fox High Training
Capt. Todd Soong explains fire pump operations.

Students from Fox High School Bridges Fire Corps Program recently learned about the importance of water supply and pump operations at a fire scene.
The program is part of the monthly two hour career building Fire Corps Program given by the Rock Community Fire District to the students at Fox Bridges.
The students learn the basics of fire and rescue as well as full certification in CPR and First Aid.

St. John's Lutheran Disaster Training

St John's Training
Students triaging victims

Members of the 8th grade Student Emergency Response Team (SERT) train for a mass casualty incident in a mock tornado aftermath.
Under the direction of Rock Community Fire District, students are trained monthly to assist first responders in the event of a disaster.
The teens are trained in triage, incident command, putting out small fires and basic search and rescue. St. Johns Lutheran has participated for the last 5 years.

Fox Bridges Training

James Allred, Dee Cupp, Mary Level
members of Rock Community 7154 demonstrate the use of heavy lifting air bags to Fox High School Bridges students.
Students with Fox High School Bridges program recently trained with members of Rock Community Fire District’s rescue engine 7154. The students were shown the various types of specialized rescue equipment that firefighters must use in order to conduct heavy rescue. A staff vehicle was lifted using high pressure air bags and then specialized “cribbing’ placed to firmly stabilize the vehicle. This technique is often used during vehicle rescues. The Fox Bridges “Fire Academy” meets monthly at Rock Headquarters where students can build confidence and learn various life saving skills and techniques used by firefighters.

Arnold Eagles Ladies Auxilliary Makes Donation

James Allred, Dee Cupp, Mary Level
At a recent Board of Directors meeting, members of the Arnold Eagles Ladies Auxiliary presented a check for 1,500 dollars to the Rock Community Fire District public education programs. The money donated will help purchase new CPR manikins that benefit the many CPR classes given by the district. The manikins will also be used to train teachers and students in Rock Community's Rescue Ranger and Teacher in Emergency Response trainings.

Rescue Ranger Program

James Allred, Dee Cupp, Mary Level
Rock Community Fire District's new Rescue Ranger program helps teaches students how to respond in their school if a medical emergency would arise. Working in conjunction with the school nurse, the handpicked teams are trained by Rock Community in CPR and First Aid as well as fire prevention and learning firsthand how to interact with firefighter/paramedics. The students will assist the school nurse and train monthly with Rock Community to practice and learn new life saving skills. Rock Community has started the program at Ridgewood Middle and Fox Middle.

Local Teen Saves Choking Victim

Jill Tarwater
Jill Tarwater, a junior at Seckman High School, is credited for saving the life of an elderly man who was choking while they were eating at a north county restaurant. Jill and her uncle were having lunch at Mattingly’s restaurant in Florissant, when the elderly man began to cough loudly and forcibly. Jill immediately went over and encouraged the man to cough. Suddenly, the man stopped coughing and began to grab his throat and turned blue. Jill, trained in CPR, immediately began to administer the Heimlich maneuver. Within seconds, the lodged food particle dislodged and the man began to breathe normally. Jill Tarwater credited her quick action to the training that she had received at the Rock Community Fire Protection District in Arnold. Jill not only received her CPR training there, but remains an active fire explorer, Teen CERT member, and junior firefighter with Rock Community. Jill will receive a “lifesaver award” at a upcoming board meeting.

Ridgewood Middle School Fire Academy

Ridgewood Training
Students from Ridgewood middle school Special education class are engaging in a once a month Fire Academy in conjunction with the Rock Community Fire Protection District. The students are taught the basics of firefighting including hose streams, forcible entry, basics of CPR and how to function in a smoky environment wearing full firefighter protective gear. Rock Community has a Special Education Fire academy class at 6 different schools with the same type of training. The district feels this helps the students learn more about the career of firefighting as well as instill confidence and positive self esteem.
Kimmswick Photo
Alderman Phil Stang of Kimmswick presents a picture collage of local Kimmswick landmarks to Rock Community Fire Chief James Allred at a recent board meeting. The picture and frame, which was personally designed by Alderman Stang, will be hung at the Rock Community Fire District Headquarters. The quaint town of Kimmswick is one of the areas covered by the Rock Community Fire District.

Rapid Extrication Training

Rapid Extrication Training
Students at St. John's Lutheran School in Arnold were recently trained on how firefighters perform rapid extrication on persons who are severely injured in a car crash. The 5th and 6th grade students are part of the Junior Firefighter program given by the Rock Community Fire District. The monthly classes, teaches students a hands on approach of what the job of firefighting entails. Besides auto extrication, the students learn fire behavior, CPR, forcible entry and wearing and moving in firefighter gear. Rock Community has several schools where these programs are in place.

Fox High School Bridges Student Council Training

Bridges Student Training
Students at the Fox High School Bridges Program recently enrolled in a Fire Corps Program with Rock Community Fire District. The students meet monthly at Rock Community Headquarters and Training Facility to familiarize themselves with the career of firefighting. Bridges is a program that helps students who may be credit deficient obtain credits in order to graduate. The Fire Corps Program was set up as a goal oriented, confident building program the students can use to continue to enhance their sense of teamwork and possible career choice. The students learn the basics of firefighting including forcible entry, hose streams, ladders and CPR.

Home Schooled Teen Training

Teen Cert
Teen Cert
The A.R.C.H.E. Arnold Region Christian Home Educators will train for twelve consecutive Fridays at the First Baptist Church of Arnold with Rock Community Fire District's Teen CERT program. The teens and their teachers will learn how to be prepared and how to respond safely in their neighborhood and home in the event of a disaster. The teens will be trained in search and rescue, basic first aid, triaging injuries and putting out small fires. The teens will be trained to assist their neighbors before the arrival of first responders, who may be overwhelmed in the aftermath of a large scale disaster. Any home school group who would like this training, please call Rock Community Fire District at 636-296-2211 ex. 743

Special Education Fire Academy

Special ed students pull a Rescue Randy life size

                            rescue dummy to safety in a drill.
Special Education students pull a Rescue Randy life size rescue dummy to safety in a drill.
On Friday May 9, 2014, students from Ridgewood Middle School attended their Special Education Fire academy graduation at Rock Community Firehouse 3. Students were able to interact with firefighters and participate in several evolutions The students are trained monthly on the basics of firefighting and what it is like to be a firefighter. Rock Community feels that this is a great outreach to those with special needs and physical limitations. Without these hands on programs, these children may never experience what it is like to be a firefighter. Rock Community has Special Education Fire Academies at Fox High, Fox Middle, Windsor High and Ridgewood.

Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal Jeff DeLapp
Fire Inspector Jeff Delapp was recently promoted to the rank of Fire Marshal for the Rock Community Fire District in Arnold. Jeff brings with him 24 years of dedicated service to the people of the Rock Community Fire district. For the first 6 years of his career, Jeff was an aggressive Rock Community firefighter with a positive attitude and willingness to learn and help others. Jeff then moved up to the Fire Prevention Bureau where for almost 20 years studied code enforcement, fire inspection codes, and helped a growing district say safe with new construction. Jeff's prior firefighting experience, knowledge of fire inspections, building codes and construction made him the perfect candidate for Fire Marshal. Jeff replaces long time Fire Marshal Lloyd Montgomery, who recently retired.

Evening CPR Classes

The Rock Community Fire District will change the time of their free CPR/AED classes to better serve the citizens of the community. Instead of workday hours, the district will offer the class every third Wednesday from 6pm-930pm to make it easier for those who have to work during the day. The new schedule will begin May 21st. Anyone interested in CPR/AED can call 636-296-2211 extension "0" and reserve your spot. A refundable 25.00 dollar deposit is required to hold your spot.

Solar Energy Usage

Teens Learn Rescue Operations

Firefighters demonstrated firsthand the use of special rescue air bags for lifting heavy objects off victims to the Teen Student Emergency Response Team at Windsor Middle School. The teens were taught how to properly lift a 2000 pound vehicle using state of the art lifting bags. The members of Rock Community’s elite heavy rescue squad allowed the teens to safely operate the controls and work with firefighters side by side in the lifting procedure. The purpose of the class was to show the teens how firefighters work as a team to safely assist those in danger.

Windsor Junior Fire Academy

Eighth grade students from Windsor Middle School interested in a career as a firefighter got a hands on experience with Rock Community firefighters. The Junior Firefighter program teaches teens from middle and high school the basics of what it takes to be a firefighter. The teens along with their teacher get a firsthand look of firefighting, rescue and what a typical day at the firehouse would be. Windsor Middle school has been involved with many public education programs sponsored by Rock Community Fire District. After a morning of training, the teen recruits are treated to lunch prepared by firefighters.